"A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety." ~Ansel Adams

Monday, April 25, 2011

Best of

As my first official post, I thought I would do a "best of" over the last year.

Taken on the Provo River Trail, near Utah Lake.

Taken on the Utah Lake dock at night.

Taken outside of a Broadway theatre in NYC.
Taken on the beach in Malibu, CA, in February.

This was taken in NYC.

Taken in Capitol Reef National Park in Southern Utah.
Taken up Provo Canyon last year.


  1. Darrell.... why do you have to be so awesome all of the time? These pictures rock and pass me up by a mile.

  2. Holy cow! I was thinking, "who took these?" Darrell, welcome to the blog. First one is my fav.